Mantis Chipper/Shreader

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 229382210413756390 Mantis Chipper/Shreader

The Mantis Chipmate is an unusual device. It has a 12 amp motor (rated at 1.6 HP) where the inner part (normally the rotor) is fixed and the 14 lb casing rotates. There are two sharp knives mounted on the casing and they work against a single stationary counter-knife. The knives are maybe 5 or 6 inches wide. Naturally there is a hopper input and a discharge chute to reduce the chance of feeding your fingers into this thing. The motor rotates at about 1750 RPM. It is rated for a 60% duty cycle and the vendor suggests using it for 40 minutes out of every hour. It does have a thermal cutoff switch for self protection. Legs and hopper ext. are included. original packaging

 229382210413756391 Mantis Chipper/Shreader

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