Huskee Chipper Shredder

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 123632805757965230 Huskee Chipper Shredder

I purchased this chipper July 28, 2006 from Tractor supply. It worked fine the last time I used it then it sat up for several months. When I tried to use it I couldn't pull the rope. It has a 3 way feed system; 2.5 bushel bag capacity; 10:1 reduction ratio. Model number 24A464C731 and under that number is this number 2153574. I don't know if thaat is part of the serial number. I have the owners manual. Might be minor repair but don't know. I don't need it any more so might as well see if someone else would be interested in fixing it. Cost $549.00 when new. Please plan to pick it up in Altamont, TN because it would be hard to ship.

 123632805757965231 Huskee Chipper Shredder
 123632805757965232 Huskee Chipper Shredder
 123632805757965233 Huskee Chipper Shredder

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  1. ScRSC says:

    I’ve already checked online at tractor supply, without any luck.

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