Goossen Chipper Shredder

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 156651106667539440 Goossen Chipper Shredder

Goossen Model 5400 PTO-powered Chipper/Shredder for sale. The unit is in great shape and is made by one of the most highly regarded chipper manufacturers. Check the Goossen website at for additional info. New units are priced at $3783. Check Optional components and replacement parts are also available at this site and at other Goossen dealers. I have replaced the rubber protective skirts for both the chipper and shredder intakes. Also included is a spare set of chipper knives ($150 value) and owners manual. Local pickup only (Indianapolis area), I can help load. Specification: Shredder Hopper Size 34” x 21” Chipper Plate 18” diameter .75” machined and balanced steel plate Chipper Capacity 5” max. diameter material Shredder 36 free-swinging serrated knives Chipper Knives 4 knives honed from tool steel Chipper Chute 33”L x 13”W x 12”H Shredder Capacity 1” to 1.25” max. diameter material recommended Chip Sizing Grate 1.5” grate standard Approximate Shipping Weight 560 lbs. Power Requirements 540 PTO at 18-25 hp Options can be purchased from Goossen dealers including a directional blower package, vacuum package, as well as different output grates to control the size of the mulch (comes with standard 1.5" holes, .5" and .75" hole size as well as a leaf bar is also available).

 156651106667539441 Goossen Chipper Shredder
 156651106667539442 Goossen Chipper Shredder
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