Chicago Electric Chipper

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 175713305858216500 Chicago Electric Chipper

Home | About Us | Contact Us | Hours | Location | Terms & Conditions Business & Industrial Office Equipment Home & Garden Computers Photo/Cameras Sporting Goods Consumer Electronics Jewelry Car Audio Vehicle Accessories Memorabilia & Collectables Home Audio/Visual Home Electronics Pre Recorded Media Hand Tools & Power Tools Commercial Food Service Other Items Vehicles in Oregon Law Enforcement Pick-up Trucks Light Fleet Sport Utility Maintenance / Utility Emergency Services Heavy Equipment Light Equipment Trailers Other Items Invitation to Bid Chicago Electric Chipper/Shredder For tree limbs up to 1 1/4 inches, 115 Volts, 2000 Watts, Single Phase, 60 Hz, 2 1/2 Hp, Does not have Power Items are used and the working condition is unknown "See Photos for additional description" Inventory Number: 1001749 Warehouse Location: FA-19 Shipping Weight: 48 lbs. Shipping Dimensions: 48 " W x 42 " D x 30 " H All items sold AS-IS, No Warranties, No Refunds By Bidding you Agree- By bidding on this item, you agree to the Terms and Conditions listed in this document. Please DO NOT BID until you have read, understood and agree to these terms. Assumptions can be costly. A disappointed Purchaser will have no recourse against the State of Oregon, its Officers, Agents or Employees for financial losses attributed to the Purchaser's failure to follow Oregon's General Sale Terms and Conditions. Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions 1. Inspection (Caveat Emptor: “Buyer Beware”) Unless otherwise specified in the eBay auction listing, Oregon’s Surplus Property Program urges and cautions bidders to inspect the property prior to submitting a bid. Bidders can inspect property at the place and time specified in the invitation to bid. 2. Payments (“Seven Days is Seven Days”) Unless otherwise specified in the eBay auction listing, customers must pay in full within seven calendar days from the close date of the auction. Use one of the following payment options: Most forms of payment methods are accepted for local pickup and in person payment. Personal or business checks are not accepted. VISA and MasterCard credit or debit cards (except for vehicles and heavy equipment). Click “pay here” on each auction listing (except for vehicles and heavy equipment). Payment Address and Hours: State of Oregon DAS-Surplus Property 1655 Salem Industrial Dr. NE Salem, OR 97301 Office payment hours are 1 to 4 p.m. (Pacific Time Zone), Monday-Friday (excluding holidays). Address Official Documents to: "Department of Administrative Services" or "DAS" Be sure to include the auction item # in the message section of your correspondence. 3. Property Removal (“We’re not Public Storage”) Unless otherwise specified in the eBay auction listing, the purchaser must remove items from the sale site within seven calendar days from the close date of the auction to remove items from the sale site. A customer who fails to remove property within the seven calendar days gives up his or her right to the property as described in section 4(b) Removal Default, below. Please Note: Oregon’s Surplus Property Program will help load a customer’s property within reasonable limits. No Surplus employee, however, will try to load potentially hazardous items or anything that might harm someone. 4. Default (“We’re not kidding about Numbers 1-3”) A. Auction Default: A winning bidder is in breach of contract if he or she does not pay for the item won within seven calendar days from the close of the auction. Surplus property blocks such bidders from participating in online auctions until they submit a reinstatement fee: $25 per occurrence for personal property items. $200 per occurrence for vehicles or heavy equipment. B. Removal Default: A purchaser is in breach of contract if he or she pays for an item won but fails to remove the property from its sale location within seven calendar days from the close of the auction. All right, title, interest and ownership to the property reverts to the Oregon Surplus Property Program and the purchaser forfeits any payment made on the item(s). Please Note: If a bidder defaults on items on a regular basis, the manager of the Oregon Surplus Property Program may permanently revoke the bidder’s participation in future auctions. 5. Warranties, Guarantees and Descriptions (“It is What it Is”) The Oregon Surplus Property Program only guarantees the quality or working condition of items as described in the eBay auction listing. Personal property or vehicles listed as “non-op” or “working condition unknown” should be considered inoperable and in need of major repair. The absence of “non-op” or “working condition unknown” does not imply that an item or vehicle works or functions and will in no way constitute a basis for a refund. Warranties only apply to the conditions described in the auction listing. The Oregon Surplus Property Program will not accept property for return or adjustment for any other deficiencies found. Refunds or adjustments will not exceed the purchase (bid) price. The Oregon Surplus Property Program offers no compensation for shipping costs, travel expenses or effort. 6. Withdrawal of Property (“It’s Ours until You Leave with It”) The Oregon Surplus Property Program reserves the right to withdraw any property if a legitimate need arises for reuse by a qualified public agency. Prospective bidders will have no right or recourse with the Oregon Surplus Property Program or any of its agents. V.4 Property Removal: Removal of Property is required within 7 days of the auction's close. Purchasers shall be permitted to remove property from Oregon's Property Distribution Center (PDC) in Salem during weekdays, excluding holidays, from 1-4pm unless you receive prior written authorization from The Property Custodian. Items WILL NOT BE RELEASED from the Salem PDC before 1pm or after 4pm (weekdays, excluding holidays) without prior written approval. Should the Purchaser elect to have another person or entity pick up the property, a letter of authorization must be furnished to the satisfaction of the Property Custodian before any item is released from Oregon's Property Distribution Center. All industrial type equipment used by successful bidders on Government property to load, unload, tow, repair, modify, etc., must meet Occupational, Safety, and Health Administration Standards. 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